Our Story

The journey of Myrqvist started in 2016. It started small, like most things do, but with a very precise idea; to craft quality footwear in a timeless design and at a reasonable price. A product that could withstand both the test of time as well as the test of trends.

How does the equation of top-quality craftsmanship and a modest price point add up? At Myrqvist we pride ourselves in our dedication to craftsmanship and while all of the design work takes place at our HQ in Stockholm, the shoes get put together by experienced artisans in Portugal, whom we have long standing relations with. We then choose not to add hefty margins, but instead do our best to keep all of our shoes at a price level we deem representative of the craftsmanship that has been put into the production. Alltogher this equals what we like to call premium footwear without the premium price tag.

The Scandinavian design, the attention to the finest of details and the very best of materials from top tanneries in the world are at the core of our business. Much thanks to this, we were awarded as the fastest growing footwear brand of Sweden in 2020. Even though we still take pride in our Scandinavian heritage, our shoes are today worn on every continent across the globe and far from only Swedes know of the brand.

The lift off from Sweden is not all that has changed. Our first shoe was an Oxford, Äppelviken, and while we still keep plenty of formal options in our arsenal, the assortment has since grown to consist of everything from sneakers and boots, to sandals and accessories. All share a common denominator of having timeless design, and all come from our conscious choice of producing shoes that can be worn for years and years to come. Together they make up Myrqvist - premium footwear without the premium price tag.

  • Craftmanship

    All our shoes are handcrafted in Portugal and predominantly made with the Goodyear Welted construction that allows them to last for decades. We only use the finest leathers from the very best tanneries in the world.