Our Lasts

It all started with a simple idea; we wanted more men to discover the refined feeling of handcrafted shoes. For this to happen we needed to change the shoe business from the ground up.

Last #4

Our last #4 is one of our widest last. It features a quite round toe with a slight chisel, generous width and height over the ankle. Perfect for our boots to fit a thicker sock or a wool insole where you would need a little extra room.

The following models are made on this last:

Abisko, Gothem and Tjärnö.

Last #6

We designed this last to fit as many feet as possible, a somewhat generous last that has proven to fit most feet, a bit wider than normal with a normal to high instep. Last #6 features an elegant shape with a slightly chiseled toe, perfect for our most formal shoes.

The following models are made on this last:

Äppelviken, Skytteholm, Strömsö, Ålsten, Norrmalm and Smögen.

Last #8

We mostly use this last on shoes with an open lacing. The reason for this is that you have a little extra room when there is an open lacing, commonly used on derbies. With this we can acheive a rather spacious last without it looking too bulky, great for people with a high instep and wider feet. The toe shape is a rounded almond shape.

The following models are made on this last:

Orust, Boden, Skeppsholmen and Haga.

Last #9

Last #9 is a very popular last, but may not be the perfect fit for everyone. It is wide, with a high instep and a rounded toe, this last is quite short and has a sloping toe, the last fits best on people with wider feet.

The following models are made on this last:

Stenhammar, Mölle, Fårö, Ängsö and Arvika.

Last #10

This is a last for almost everyone. Comes with a normal width and a little extra space around the instep and the heel. A very simple shape made, perfect for our popular sneaker Oaxen to keep you comfortable on your feet all day.

Oaxen is made on this last.

Last #15

Last #15 is a somewhat wider last with a high instep, this results in a quite generous last with a comfortable fit. With a soft chiseled toe the last give out a classic, elegant and refined look.

The following models are made on this last:

Granhult, Gyllsjö and Kungsholmen.


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