Our Lasts




Last #3

The width and instep of last three is normal and features softly chiseled toe. This last is closely related to our last six, but last three is adapted for boots. Granhult and Gyllsjö are made on this last. 

Last #4

Last four is a wider last and it is therefore perfect for you with broad feet, or if you like to have a bit of extra room. The instep is normal, and the shape of the toe is soft with a bit of definition. Available on Abisko, Gothem and Tjärnö.

Last #6

We designed last six to fit as many different feet as possible. This last has a comfortable width, and a somewhat high instep. The toe has a soft chisel. This last is available on Äppelviken, Skytteholm, Strömsö, Vadstena, Smögen and Ålsten.

Last #8

Last eight is wide and generous. The instep however is normal, but since this is our Derby last, people with a high instep can wear it due to the open lacing. The toe shape is round. Available on Boden and Orust.

Last #9

Last nine has the highest instep out of all our lasts. The width is wide, and the length is normal. The toe is round on this last. This last is available on Arvika, Mölle and Stenhammar