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I still haven't received the shoes, the package hasn't arrived in the destination country yet

I still haven't received the shoes, the package hasn't arrived in the destination country yet


After investigating this matter, it seems like our carriers are currently unable to deliver to your region due to the ongoing geopolitical situation. Your parcel was turned around at a processing plant in Europe and returned to our warehouse.

We have issued a full refund for your purchase, and hope to see you shop with us again once we are able to service your location.

Best wishes,
The Myrqvist Team

Great Shoes and Great company

I would love to give this company 10 stars for a fantastic exchange service and the Quality of the shoes , thank you so much .

Duved 2 Green Suede

Wonderful shoe. Very nice appearance.

I have changed the inner sole to a more comfy, breathing one. The original was a piece of plastic with a tvery hin leather glued on top. Now its very good for the foot.

To be perfect I’d like to have half-sizes, these are a tad to large for me but I prefer that from too small.

I will use them a lot!

Great shoes, sizing off

Shoes are very nice and well made, but the sizing is way off. Make sure you purchase at least a half size smaller than your normal size.

Beautiful and comfortable boots

They look great and fit perfectly. Broke in faster than ever, not even a single blister or pain. True to size, space for a thicker sock but still a snug and tight fit. Colour is maybe a bit darker than on the pictures.


Passar fint om man väljer efter de amerikanska storlekarna.

Very satisfied.

The shoes looks and fits very nice however there is sqeaky sound that comes from heels.. and the creases on the leather appear directly after you wear it for the first time

Kvalitets skor

Riktigt fina och snygga skor. Synd att det inte finns någon mellanstorlek mellan storlek 42 och 43

High quality boots.

High expectations confirmed

Very high quality socks, perfect for suiting up during the winter time providing an extra layer of warmth. The fabric is soft and the stitching at the toes is not felt at all. Compared to Falke’s airport socks they are just as good and buying the 5-socks deal gives you a better price. Only comment is that they are slightly shorter in length but if washed properly they will not shrink in size!


Stilfulla med ett brett användningsområde. Lite hårda i början som förväntat men blir skönare o skönare för var gång de används. Mycket nöjd.

Nice winter boots!

These have immediately become my favourite pair of boots. They’re perfect for the current snowy weather. Here’s how they look.

Elfvik Dark Snuff Suede - Perfect fit

Absolutely fabulous shoes! Perfect fit, a joy to wear and they look great!

Bambi on ice

First, the shoes are beautiful and comfortable.

Second: The size is a bit large, they feel about half a size larger than the Elfvik Dark Snuff Suede, which was spot on perfect size 9.

Third - hundreds: An ALPINE boot with no grip whatsoever? I know these are not meant for hiking, but COME ON!

The grip on these is downright dangerous. Today, in wet snow, my legs suddenly slid _sideways_ several times and I only barely manged to avoid injury from falling or stretching a muscle or dislocating my back.

The Sole feels hard and slippery, but the big problem is that the pattern is unidirectinal side to side, which means that when one steps on a slippery bump or irregularity of snow, the shoe suddenly slides sideways! Completely unexpected behaviour from such type of shoes and a huge design flaw. I've illustrated the problem on flat surface returning unharmed to my home.

I would frankly like to return these.

Komfortabel og varm støvel

Komfortable og varme, men kunne vært noe bredere over foten. Sålen ikke optimal for nordisk vinterføre, men fungerer greit så lenge underlag gir fast grep.

Komfortable sokker

Komfortable og holdbare sokker. Meget høy kvalitet.

Good product

Comfortable shoes that appears to be well made. Time will show if the quality reflects the price, but very happy so far. Size is normal to what i use in other brands.

Ljusare än på bild, annars fin sko

Tyvärr är den bruna nyansen ljusare i verkligheten än på bild. Annars en toppensko om man är ute efter en ofodrad chukka med låg skärning.



beautiful shoes, perfect assistance and shipping

Sizing is small.

Had to send these back after being recommended the size by the scanning process. It was t really close. Otherwise would have been happy with these quality seems very good.


Im on here every other month trying to get the chocolate suede loafer & the black but you guys seem to never restock… wish I could actually find and get what I need when I need it smh.

Hi Mr. J,

While we are happy that you are eager to order your shoes, we are of course sad to hear that you have been unable to score yourself a pair. Mölle in these two colourways are very popular, and thus sell as fast as we receive them in some sizes.

If you are interested in pre-ordering your pairs, please reach out to us at and we will sort this out for you!

Ecommerce Manager

Duved - forest green suede

- Shipped fast and efficiently
- Love the colors, the green hue is great
- Good grip, sole is substantial so easier to keep boots clean
- Soft and plyable leather, very comfortable