Our Story

It all started with a simple idea; we wanted more men to discover the refined feeling of handcrafted shoes. For this to happen we needed to change the shoe business from the ground up.

The true value of craftsmanship should not be based on the number of agents, distributors, retailers and their margins, but rather on the quality of raw materials and handcraft that goes into making it. That's why we design, produce and sell our shoes directly to you. So that you pay for the value and quality of the shoe, not the quantity of middle men along the supply chain.

At Myrqvist, we pride ourselves in our dedication to craftsmanship. To us, it’s as much about the quality of leathers, the attention to the finest details and timeless design, as it is about the mindset that follows – that refined feeling you get when you walk down the street with a pair of perfectly handcrafted shoes.

  • Direct to Consumer

    Retailers typically add a hefty mark-up on shoes, but we don't need them. We simply sell our shoes directly to our customers online and via our flagship store in Stockholm. Therefore, we offer a price much closer to the production cost than traditional brands do.

  • Craftmanship

    All our shoes are handcrafted in Portugal and predominantly made with the Goodyear Welted construction that allows them to last for decades. We only use the finest leathers from the very best tanneries in the world. Our calfskin comes from the Hermes-owned Tannery du Puy in France and our Suede from Charles F. Stead in England.