Myrqvist is reinventing traditional footwear

Myrqvist is reinventing traditional footwear

In 2020, Myrqvist was awarded the fastest growing footwear brand of Sweden and their success story has not stopped there. The recipe for mentioned success is quite straight-forward; to offer premium shoes without the premium pricetag.

The journey towards what Myrqvist is today started a few years back when founder Sebastian Öhrn, back then studying in Scotland, with frustration considered the prices for quality shoes too high. Would there not be a way to cut costs? The answer he found was yes.

The true value of craftsmanship should not be based on the number of agents, distributors, retailers and their margins, but rather on the quality of raw materials and handcraft that goes into making it. That's why Myrqvist design, produce and sell their shoes directly to the customer. You pay for the value and quality of the shoe, not the quantity of middle men along the supply chain.

It's hard to avoid noticing the quality and the fact that the shoes are handmade by experienced hands. The leather used comes from reputable tanneries such as British Charles F Stead and French Du Puy. Combine that with a reasonable price and you can understand why the reputation of Myrqvist is picking up pace around Europe. The majority of the shoes are Goodyear welted, unanimously considered the superior construction, making it possible to wear the shoes for years and years to come.

Speaking to the founder, Sebastian Öhrn, it comes across as obvious as to why Myrqvist choose to make their shoes the way they do.

"Timeless design is a common denominator for all our shoes. That you, without ruining your own economy for a foreseeable future, can get yourselves a pair of quality shoes that last is how I pictured our business from the start, and to see how much our customers appreciate the concept actually feels quite special."

The first shoe Myrqvist started to sell was a classic Oxford (Äppelviken), but since then the assortment has grown to include most types of footwear that a man needs, from sneakers and boots to accessories such as socks and belts. What all products have in common, however, is the timeless design at a great price point. By reinventing traditional footwear, Myrqvist has, despite its recent growth, only taken the first few steps on its path for global success.

In addition to the design of the shoes, the brand also has a clear Swedish profile. Everything from the design of the shoes, to the names on the shoes, such as Äppelviken and Mölle, creates a clear Scandinavian profile and has been well received by Myrqvist's loyal customers.

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